Welcome to my blog

It is said that the more you write, the better you become in writing. Well, that is true in almost every activity we undertake: if you want to be good in music you practice a lot; if you want to be fluent in programming you program a lot (and possibly try to learn from the many and unavoidable mistakes that you will make). I am starting this blog with the hope that it will help me improve my writing and keep me concentrated. Not surprisingly, I find that when I write intensively, I also seem to be able to write better programs.

Unfortunately, for the last year or so, I have been neglecting writing, which might seem strange given the fact that I am an undergrad university student. Not so strange, actually, because Computer Science and Math courses offer quite a little stimulation for writing down our thoughts, unless if they are directly related to technical matters. That said, all experienced programmers say that systematic writing in the form of essays is something that will make us newbies better programmers, and better people as far as they are concerned (I am not so sure about the latter…)

I will try to organize my thoughts on a variety of matters in small essays. I cannot be sure of how regularly I will write; it might be once a day, or once a century, in which case this intro will be the last thing you will be hearing from me (good for you, trust me). I wouldn’t like to blog as if I am writing a diary or giving status reports on a weekly basis. I will try to write about things that make me happy, things that I am starting to understand, things that I cannot seem to comprehend, things that matter, things that are totally pointless and nobody should read them and technical issues that I have just learned that might be worth sharing. Of course, this wouldn’t be a blog if I didn’t complain about something: that will probably be some difficulty I am facing while I am trying to understand the inner workings of my computer; I assure you there are a lot of them.

That said, this is not going to be a technical blog, at least not a good one. If you want to read a good blog about programming and life in general, then you should go read essays from Joel Spolsky, Steve Yegge, Paul Graham or Greg Wilson (he’s one of my profs, here at the University of Toronto). I’ll be writing just so I can organize my thoughts; if my writing proves to be useful in some way to you, then I am very glad I helped. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter, it was extremely useful for me.

Welcome to my blog

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