Little red rooster

I went to the ballet today. Hmm…this sentence would have seemed extremely strange when I was still in high school. That is because, in Athens, Greece , where I did my junior high and high school, going to the ballet was regarded as an activity for the rich, sophisticated, well-groomed, well-mannered, I-have-a-culture-but-you-don’t kind of people; you know, the ones who actually use 14 kinds of forks and spoons to have a simple dinner. Now that I live in Canada that is not the case; ballet provides a spectacle that is appealing to people regardless of age and financial background. That said, the majority of the people in the audience seemed still pretty sophisticated to me, but anyway…I wanted to talk about the show, not the audience.

We (me and my girlfriend) watched Rooster which incorporated ballet dancing based on songs by the Rolling Stones. When I saw the ads for this show I could not but think how cool the idea is. The fact that it wasn’t classical ballet (no tutus and tights) but “modern” ballet that allowed entirely free movement of the body was also a big plus. I almost forgot that people can be funny, dramatic, sexy, …you name it…, even when their only means of expression is a gesture or a movement of the body, and honestly, some of those dancers could bend in ways that made me feel in pain just by watching. So, go watch Rooster, because it’s a cool show, and don’t worry about the rich and sophisticated people cause they have other things to be concerned about (such as which of the 14 forks to use for the afternoon salad).

PS: By the way, here in Toronto the National Ballet of Canada makes $20 tickets available to people from 16-29 years old.

Little red rooster

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