*This* close to graduation

It’s been a while since the last time I wrote anything on my blog, mostly because school
and applications to graduate schools have been keeping me quite busy, but things are
going to become less hectic soon. For a week or so šŸ™‚

There are a lot of topics that have attracted my attention over the last couple of months,
many of which I’m looking forward to share here. I definitely want to write about my experiences
with the application process, hoping that it will prove to be helpful to third-year students who
are entertaining the thought of continuing their studies beyond the four-or-so years of undergrad.

My graduation is so close that I can seen the “Finish” line clearly and I’m running towards it. It’s
been a very fulfilling four years here at UofT and I’m looking forward to writing an epilogue about
how my overall experience as a student has been here in exotic Toronto. I want to especially
emphasize what where the main mistakes I made, hoping that other students will not repeat them,
what I absolutely loved, and what I’d do differently now that I have the experience of four years
under my belt. In other words, I want to share everything for which I have said “I wish somebody
had told me about this from the beginning.”

On a less philosophical note, there is a link that caught my attention lately. A project called Sixth
Sense again from the MIT Media Lab, which wowed me until the presenter mentions brain chip implants.
The conclusion is yours…

*This* close to graduation

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