A tourist in Montreal

A very good friend of mine gave me a detailed list of todo items that I’d better try out in Montreal. I don’t think she’ll be very mad at me for sharing them here:

  • Mont Royal.  There’s a cross somewhere up at the top, which can be seen quite clearly when it’s illuminated at night.  Try figuring out how to actually climb up to it.  There’s also a viewing area about halfway up the ‘mountain’ (it’s really just a really tall hill) from which you can see all of downtown Montreal.
  • Schwartz’s Deli.  http://www.schwartzsdeli.com Order a smoked meat sandwich (I would suggest either ‘medium’ or ‘lean.’)  Get a pickle with it and enjoy the best smoked meat in the country.  If you don’t like the sandwich, then you can be quite certain that you don’t like smoked meat.
  • Gelato in the Old Port.  Right around Place Jacques Cartier (the Eastern most section of the Old Port) there is an entire strip of good gelato/ice cream places.  They’re all just west of the Place JC, on Rue De la Commune (the southernmost street).
  • St. Denis, the Plateau, The Village part of St. Catherine Street. There’s a building somewhere downtown that has a piece of the Berlin Wall on display.
  • Eat crepes.  If you find some with Creme de Marron (chestnut cream/paste/jam), try it!

Thank you for the orders suggestions Z.C., I’ll happily follow them 🙂


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