Cool courses

This semester the Computer Science department at McGill is offering a couple of courses for which my friends and I are very excited. The first one is Structure and Dynamics of Networks, which apparently is otherwise known as Network Science, but it really should be called Applied Graph Theory for Large Graphs. Naming aside, the lectures seem to be very promising, as examples will involve networks from different areas, such as biology, political and social science etc.

The second one is Topics in Game Theory, where I believe we’ll study algorithms for selecting strategies to minimize the probability of loss (or maximize the probability of winning) in games where there are many participants. Or at least, that’s what I am expecting — the syllabus doesn’t seem to be posted yet.

Last but not least, the graduate Mobile Robotics class is offered again this year. This course starts with lecture-style material in the first half, during which the students are exposed to motion planning algorithms, sensors, and some fundamental problems in algorithmic robotics. The second half consists of student presentations of research papers. The class is highly interactive and lots of fun.


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