In this page I’m going to list datasets that are of interest to roboticists. Since some of them provide data recorded from sensors that are normally very expensive, they might prove to be useful:

UofWashington RGBD dataset

OpenSLAM dataset repository

Cheddar Gorge dataset

Ford campus dataset

Malaga 2009 dataset

MRPT datasets

Radish dataset repository

UofT ASRL datasets

Rawseeds dataset repository

Oxford MRG datasets

DTU dataset

UofOsnabruck 3D scans dataset

Barcelona robot dataset

Caltech 101 and 256 vision dataset

LabelMe dynamic dataset

Overhead imagery research dataset

ImageNet database

ETH Zurich Micro Aerial Vehicle dataset

KITTI Vision Benchmark dataset

6D Vision (pedestrian recognition, autonomous driving, scene labeling etc.)

INRIA Person Dataset

Caltech Pedestrian Detection Dataset

Daimler Pedestrian Detection Dataset

SUN Database

A more comprehensive list of vision datasets



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