Voltage regulators

I’ve been trying to simulate a circuit I found online using the MultiSim circuit simulator, which I’ve come to appreciate and find pretty cool. One of the components in this circuit is a 78L10AC voltage regulator, which outputs 10V if the current drawn by the load circuit is up to 100mA. Unfortunately, MultiSim does not have any representative in the 78L10 family of voltage regulators. To be fair, it does have regulators for 5V, 8V, 9V, 12V, and many others, but not 10V. I spent some time searching online for a SPICE model for 78L10, but nothing promising came up. I also tried inferring the SPICE model from the 78Lxx datasheet from Texas Instruments, but unfortunately, the datasheet leaves most resistor values unspecified, most likely to account for the different models of the 78Lxx family, so, there were too many unknown variables to replicate the original design. Then, Anqi pointed me to the configurable LM317 voltage regulator and in particular to this fun tutorial by Sparkfun’s Pete Dokter on how to use it. It turns out that you can use LM317 and its low-power version, LM317L, both of which are supported in MultiSim, to output a wide range of voltages. So, here’s a 10V voltage regulator with output current up to 100mA: