Juggler extraordinaire

I decided to try out juggling a couple of weeks ago, when I saw a bunch of Googlers practising with balls and clubs. Fortunately, they were super helpful and they immediately offered to tutor a couple of newbies like me. I started with one ball, trying to throw it from one hand to the other at the same height. Then two balls, one in each hand; I was counting three steps: at one you throw the first ball, at two you throw the second, at three both balls have to be in your hands. What I soon realized was that my left hand is more imbalanced than my right, so I had to fix that. Later in the day, I could juggle three balls.

Clubs are a different story altogether. For me, they are so much more difficult to handle than balls, that I keep throwing (at least) one of them at my face, or at somebody else’s face, but preferably the former. One club I can handle without sending anybody to the hospital, but I can make no guarantees for two or three. Hmm, how can I stop being afraid of clubs? They seem so much nicer in a bowling alley than in my hands, while I try to juggle.

Anyway, juggling is tons of fun and it doesn’t require much space or equipment to try it out. So, don’t underestimate the plasticity of your body and give it a shot. If a bunch of out-of-shape geeks can do it than so can you. As for me, today balls and clubs, tomorrow chainsaws, swords, knives and torches of fire. Or not.